After my hair is bleached, toned, and prepped, here comes the fun part: COLOR! I’ve used many different types of hair color from Punky Colors to Special Effects to Manic Panic, but the ONLY stuff I recommend is Arctic Fox in Purple Rain. (Use that affiliate link and save yourself $2!) 

Why Arctic Fox? They have a plethora of different awesome colors including pink, neon yellow (it’s black light reactive!), and ‘diluter’ that makes each color into a pastel. Plus, they donate 15% to help prevent animal abuse, it’s vegan, and – best part – it smells like grapes! Also, they’ve specially formulated their dye to formulated to fade within the original color spectrum, so as the color fades, it lightens within the same color family instead of some crazy hidden undertones. And, no, they didn’t sponsor me (but I sure wish they would!) or this post. 


As you might have guessed, hair color is no joke. It will stain just about anything it comes into contact with, so throw on an old t-shirt, lay some newspaper down, slap on some gloves, and let’s prep for some color action! 

Make sure to cover your hairline with some Vaseline to help keep any stray dye off your skin – don’t forget about your ears! Using a color brush, and again, working in one inch sections, paint your dye on making sure to fully saturate every strand. I like to overdue it, and at the end of my ‘painting’, I just flip any remaining solution on to fully make sure I’ve got every strand thoroughly. I then take a plastic grocery bag and tie it around my head. The heat helps the dye permeate deeper while also keeping it from accidentally discoloring something you might bump into. 


About 45 minutes to an hour (or more if you feel up to it), wash out your color in as cool of water as you can stand. This helps seal the dye in for longevity. 

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