I had the tremendous fortune to interview one of my favorite people in the sewing and quilting industry: Sandi Sawa Hazlewood of the Crafty Planner podcast and blog. She produces a weekly podcast featuring some of the industries biggest names. Each episode is filled with interesting guests, nuggets of wisdom, and beautiful truths. 

We delve deep into why she does what she does, her main priorities,

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I really love interviewing people from the sewing and quilting community because I still have so much to learn. This world moves so incredibly fast and people are coming up with amazing ways to integrate sewing into everyday life. One of those people is the awesome Julia Eigenbrodt from the inspiring sewing and crafty blog Stars and Sunshine. She seamlessly fuses technology and sewing together with her adorable 3-D printed hoop necklaces found in her Etsy shop, she also has wonderfully geeky paper piecing patterns in her Craftsy store, and a vibrant and fun Instagram

This weekend, I sat down with Jessica Darling, marketing director and pattern designer for Homegrown by Villa Rosa Designs. She’s been in the industry for years in one form or another, from owning her own fabric shop to designing to teaching to long arm quilting. Now, she’s branching out again, this time to set down roots in Corpus Christi, Texas, to start a cute little sewing/quilting oasis called “Darling Rose”. She plans on offering not just high quality fabric, but classes, machine rentals, and a meeting hub for crafty peeps.