The Knitty Gritty…

(The sew-y show-y? Eh? EH?! Ok, ok, it was a terrible joke… Sorry.)

So, as previously written about in this fancy post here, basically, I want to create my own capsule wardrobe in fun styles and designs.

Holy guacamole! There are so many wonderful independent designers with amazing ideas and aesthetics, it was so hard to narrow it down. I somehow managed, and have listed my absolute favorites below.

Ooh! Which Ones?

Ahh! So glad you asked! So, I’ve separated each pattern into tops, bottoms, and dresses.  This clearly isn’t a complete guide on how to cultivate your own minimal closet, but I’d like to think it’s a good starting ground. 


  • Tiny Pocket Tank – This cute tank by Grainline Studio is easy and comfortable. I was amazed at how quick this pattern comes together with dramatic results.
  • Lark Tee – Again, by Grainline Studio, this delves into the fantastic world of knits. They’re not all that scary, and this pattern will help you through any doubts. I promise! 
  • The Washi & Expansion – Created by the amazing Rae over at Made by Rae, this particular pattern is so versatile and can be worn a multitude of ways. It’s a go-to when pairing together a great outfit.
  • Ruby Top – Another unique pattern from  Made by Rae, this one has a more straight silhouette, but can accentuate a delicate neckline with a pop of color, and the ruched body is so playful!
  • Nettie Bodysuit – From the beautiful mind over at Closet Case Files, this bodysuit is form fitting as well as flattering, easy to assemble, and looks stunning.


  • Ginger Jeans and Flare Expansion – A thoughtful, slimming design, also from Closet Case Files, the beauty with these is that there are so many different looks to choose from. High waisted, low waisted, skinny, or flare. What’s your favorite? 
  • Maritime Shorts – A great staple from Grainline Studio, these shorts are cute and simple. My favorite! 
  • Yoga Skirt – This is just an effortless A-line knit skirt with a wide waistband. There are many tutorials on Pinterest, and while you’re at it, Follow Me!


  • Washi Dress & Expansion – This is the dress version of the fabulous Washi pattern from Made by Rae. The expansion pack really amps up the straightforward design of the Washi and creates many different styles to fit your mood. 
  • Lady Skater Dress – This fun but classic knit dress from Kitschy Coo, is a painless knit pattern. It’s a great intro to stretch fabric, and the results are fantastic! 
  • Ruby Dress – This is the actual dress version of the Ruby from Made by Rae. It’s elegant and easily accessorized, and so dang adorable!

I can’t wait to get started on my new wardrobe. Next up in this series, I’ll show you my fabric pulls! I’m so excited that y’all have joined me! And don’t forget, I have a Pinterest board devoted entirely to these patterns and will continue to add to them as I complete each piece! 

Interested in a Sew-A-Long for any of these patterns? Lemme know below!

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I love the idea of a sew a long! Especially getting into knits. So many ideas though.

Stay tuned, I might do a sew along for some knits!

Kate P

Yes to sew a long!! For maybe an easy pattern for us total clothing newbies?? A t shirt? The yoga skirt? Jeans! I know hands aren’t really newbie, but damn, it would be fun!!

Oooh! Maybe I’ll do the Tiny Pocket Tee (a woven and the yoga skirt (a knit)? Thanks for the feedback!