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As you all know, I’m a BIG fan of Rebecca Page patterns. And she just released a CUTE little romper pattern called the Cerena. (Psst… it’s also on sale for nearly half off!). So, today, I thought I would show you a neat little sewing hack using the bottoms of the pattern: a Yoga Waistband!

Lemme tell you something: I absolutely LOVE yoga waistbands. Why? Well…

  • They’re super cute,
  • They’re comfortable as heck, and
  • They’re crazy easy to make!

This fun project turns the lovable Cerena Romper into a more versatile pattern worthy of having in your apparel sewing arsenal. Easily adjusted for pants, gaucho, or shorts, this waistband hack is great for beginners and experts alike.


  • Be careful not to stretch the fabric as you sew. Widen the stitch length a little so it’s easier to sew.
  • Make sure to use a ballpoint needle when sewing with knits so as not to snag your fabric
  • Measure yourself (or your model), then print your size and you’re ready to start.
  • I’m making a ladies’ XL, but this trick can be easily adjusted to fit girls and ladies of all sizes!

You’ll need:

  • Cerena Romper pattern
  • Ballpoint Needle
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • 1 – 2yds of knit fabric
  • Walking foot if using a sewing machine (optional)

Before You Start:

You’ll need a few measurements:

  • Waist Measurement –  Measure around your waist where you want the shorts to sit. I like mine just underneath my belly button, so I measured there. We want the length to be a bit snug so that the waistband won’t fall down, so no need to include a seam allowance.
  • Finished Height of Waistband – How tall do you want to your waistband to be when it’s all sewn up? Do you like a more fitted look or a scrunchy effect? I like somewhere in between, and measured mine to rise about 4.5″. Remember that the waistband will be folded over, so double your height measurement and add 1″ to allow for seam allowance.
  • Waist Measurement + Waistband Height = Waistband Fabric Piece (For example, I measured 38″ at my natural waist, and like a 4.5″ cuff, so my waistband fabric piece measured 38″ x 10″).


Step 1: Print out your pattern pieces and arrange them on your fabric. I was able to finagle the short patterns in XL and a waistband with about a yard of fabric.

Cerena Romper Pattern Pieces

Step 2: Follow instructions for sewing the Cerena Romper bottoms, making sure to include the darts.


Step 3: Fold your Waistband Fabric Piece in matching short edges, right sides together. Serge 9or sew using a zigzag or stretch stitch), making sure to use 1/2″ seam allowance. Now you have a loop! Your waistband piece will now be 1 inch smaller than your waist measurement (so it will stretch and fit snugly on your body when wearing it).

Step 4: Now, fold your Waistband Fabric Piece matching long edges, wrong sides together so that the seam is inside the loop, and it’s half the height it used to be. Lay flat and pin at 4 even points. Start with your seam and pin directly opposite. Mark the sides with pins. (I serged my raw edges together to keep the edges together easier because my fabric is thinner, but it’s not necessary)

Step 5: With your shorts or pants turned right side out, mark 4 equal sections at the top.

Step 6: Slide the waistband over the shorts/pants, matching raw edges and pins and ease your shorts or pants to fit Waistband Fabric Piece. Serge/sew together.

Step 7: Hem bottom openings and you’re all finished!

Yoga Waistband - Pinterest

Ta-da! You’ve now created ultra comfy yoga waistband and successfully completed a Cerena Romper pattern hack! Go forth, and yoga-fy all the waistbands! As always, please let me know if you’d like something explained a little better. I love helping peeps on their sewing way! And if you’ve found this tutorial helpful, please pin the above image for others to find too. Thanks!

Come back Wednesday when I kick off the Riley Blake Fossil Rim blog hop and reveal what patterns were chosen! (Hint: They’re super cute!)

Sew It Goes, Miranda

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