StoryPatches for your Quilts!

Have you ever finished a quilt, and you’re getting ready to put the label on, but you realize there’s so much more you wanted to say than what can fit on that scrap of fabric? Maybe there was a song that inspired you or you just wanted to make sure your recipient knew how loved they are?

In comes StoryPatches!

A unique way to share your story with the person you’re giving your masterpiece to. You create a video saying whatever you want, and it’s hooked up to a specific QR (Quick Response) code on the label. Your recipient looks it up and can get the full story of what went into that specific quilt. Pretty neat, huh?

QR Code for I Have Purple Hair

But wait – what’s a QR code?


You’ve probably seen them and had no idea they had a name or what they did.

They’re usually a little black and white square (see above) that you scan with your mobile device. Once scanned, it will take you to a specific site, offer, video, pretty much anything on the web! It’s an easy way to click to a site than having to manually input the address and possibly get the spelling wrong or wind up off track.

Are QR codes too fandangled and strange? Never fear! They have the option to just put a label on your quilt, and voila! Easy peasy!

I was given the opportunity to take some of my best designs from Handmade Rebellion and put them on a few labels. What do you think?  You can grab them at the StoryPatches site along with some other really inspiring designs!

Do you label your quilts? I’m terrible at it and need some help! What points do you make sure to include?

Love ya, Miranda

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