Are You Ready?!

The holidays are right around the corner and what a great time to make sweet little matching outfits for your family, right? You know exactly what pattern you’re going to do, what fabric to do it in, what parties to show off your hard work… Things are looking pretty stellar for this amazing picturesque dream of what your perfect holiday festivities are going to look like.

You can see it now:

You arrive at the family holiday party and people gush about how amazing you and your family look in their exquisitely handmade matching outfits (“did you really make that ensemble?!”). They compliment how well behaved your kids are, especially with all the stimulation and for being past their bedtime. My, how well adjusted and easy parenting must be! You all laugh ecstatically and cheers to 2018, which will be the best year ever!

And then reality sets in…

You have a million holiday gifts to complete. Food to cook. Cookies to bake. Holiday cards to personalize and send. A ton of gifts to get for… everyone; and then wrapping said gifts?! Oh, and the looming existential dread that 2018 is about to start and it feels like yesterday that you were working off that 2017 New Years’ hangover. UGH.

You’re Not alone

So what does this have to do with a Mommy and Me post? Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I set out to create these amazing floor length holiday dresses for myself and daughters, and, well, I didn’t.


I got one done though! Wanna see?!

I was able to get the littlest babe’s done in her sparkly pink stretch fabric. She’s a fiddly one, so good pics are hard to come by. But she looks absolutely adorable which fuels my drive to finish the Bean’s and I’s before the new year. Hopefully.

We’ve got the fabric picked out and everything! See:

We’re soooooo close! Follow me on Instagram to see the final designs!

The holidays are so tiring. How are you keeping it together? Lemme know in the comments!

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