Hashtags are everywhere; Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, even Facebook. And there’s nothing that I hate more than seeing them being misused. Too many and you risk drowning out your initial message, too few and you don’t hit as many people searching for your particular thing. Too specific and no one can find you, and too broad and you get lost in a sea of other content. 

They can be tricky to understand and utilize effectively in your business. What’s a person to do?! Well, I’m here to guide you! 


First things first: a hashtag is a word or group of words (without spaces) with a # preceding it that pertains to all kinds of things: bands, people, ideas, sayings, movements, and events, to name a few. It’s a way to connect thousands of people through pictures, statuses, or tweets across thousands of miles to unite over a special thing. 

It’s a fantastic way to find others in your niche, reach broader audiences, and bring together people with a certain tag. 


Usually hashtags are put at the end of a post so as not to distract from your original listing. Of course, you most certainly can put a few hashtags in the body of your text if it doesn’t detract from your sentence structure. Hey, do you!

There’s no set in stone way to do it, but the most effective way is spot your post here and there, and save the string of hashtags for the very end. You can even put them in a separate comment to not take away from your original content, and it’s much easier to delete after a few weeks if they no longer become relevant. 

The key thing is to not overload your post with hashtags because it looks sales-y and people tend to just gloss over it. No one likes to immediately be bombarded with the notion that they’re being sold to. It doesn’t make for a genuine connection and that’s the last thing you want for your biz! 


EVERY SINGLE POST SHOULD HAVE A HASHTAG. Whether it’s casually slipped into the text or after your initial post, it’s pertinent to have a few in your post for the sake of simply being found easier. 

I recommend having 2-3 standby hashtags to include in all your business related posts. You can even create your own! Just think of a unique saying that exemplifies your brand. BUT! double check it’s not already in use. You don’t want brand confusion or to associate yourself with something not aligned with your ethos. It’s also a nice gallery to show off to potential customers by referring them to a particular tag. 

When you use them, you want them to be specific but not so specific that no one will be able to link up with your stuff. For example, the right way to use a hashtag:

“I love showing off all my #handmade stuff!” 

And here’s the wrong way:


In the second example, it’s much too long and way too absolute for anyone to be able to find your thing. Remember: quick, concise, and easy to recognize.


It’s one of the easiest ways to broaden your reach and grab the attention of people who might not otherwise know you even exist. Clicking on a certain tag brings up all pics and thoughts with that same hashtag.

So let’s say your looking for handmade scarves as a gift for someone, you can simply type in #handmadescarves and immediately every pic tagged with that comes up. From there you can explore and potentially find something you’re looking for. 

Now, if you’re the seller, you’ll want to tag your stuff with as much info to help you reach that audience. If you make handmade scarves, you might use tags like #redscarves, #cashmerescarf, or #giftsunder30 

Basically anything to help people connect with your shop. It’s ideal to have well lit photographs to really put a professional spin on your feed. Don’t worry, we’ll get into that in another post. 


The hashtags below primarily focus on handmade and small business. They’re wonderfully curated and fun to scroll through. You can see all the craftsmanship and love that each product entails. And for more sewing and quilting inspired ones, check ou t this post! 


Potatoes gonna potate… Heehee! Anyway,  #MakersGonnaMake is a pretty broad feed that covers all kinds of amazing handiwork. From screen printing to sewing to metal smithing to jewelry; it’s all there and all incredibly inspiring. Humans are so clever, aren’t they? 


#Craftsposure is a tag that lets others know about your handmade endeavor. It is also an account that supports makers and their businesses. The account has great tips and a beautiful feed, so that’s worth checking out too! 


 I like looking through this when I want to see the progress of crafts. It’s almost a behind the scenes look at how things are made. Very interesting! 


This one is pretty self explanatory; it’s an opportunity to see all things that are handmade. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all for sale, but it’s beautiful nonetheless to see all the creativity out there. 


I love looking through this tag when I’m looking for gifts or want to connect with my fellow maker. #Shopsmall is a great way to see what other small businesses are up to and to support your local community!  

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I’m loving these posts Miranda. Thanks for writing them.


Awesome! That’s so encouraging to hear! Thanks so much for reading!