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I have some fun news! I’m super excited to announce that I Have Purple Hair is part of the Havel’s Sewing family! What does that mean? Oh, just that I’ll be reviewing their products and letting you know how they work and hold up. Don’t worry, all opinions are totally mine, and I’ll level with ya if something is amiss. Your trust is important to me and I take it very seriously, so just because I might get some free products doesn’t change my thoughts on if the item sucks or not.

Now that that’s out of the way…

So, lemme tell you a little bit about Havel’s Sewing! Their parent company, Havel’s, makes medical equipment, so you know their tools are going to be sharp. They have the expertise and the technology to make their instruments super precise and durable. If it’s good enough to slice through humans, fabric doesn’t stand a chance. Obviously, that said, you do need to be careful with these babies, they’re no joke!

Best part?

Not only are they well-made tools, they’re affordable! Seriously. Their XL cutting mat is currently $31.99! And with the coupon code “IHAVEPURPLEHAIR7“, you can save $7 off your order of $25+, so it brings it down to less than $25 for a sturdy, GIANT, double sided, self healing mat. And did I mention, it’s pink?! Save money and keep your craft room pretty? Yes, please!

Plus, they have rotary cutters (with tungsten carbide blades!), snips, and a doohickey (ok, it’s called a Fabric and Quilt Ruler Cutter) with a blade AND ruler for extra precise cutting that saves a TON of time.


I’ll also be doing a series on how to use some of the lesser known tools they carry (ever heard of a Tailor Tack?) and gain some more insights into how their tools stand up to daily use. Thanks for reading, and head on over to Havel’s Sewing to see what I’m talking about!

Don’t forget! Use coupon code “ihavepurplehair7” to save $7 off $25 at checkout at Havel’s Sewing!

Sew it goes, Miranda

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