Hashtags are everywhere; Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, even Facebook. And there’s nothing that I hate more than seeing them being misused. Too many and you risk drowning out your initial message, too few and you don’t hit as many people searching for your particular thing. Too specific and no one can find you, and too broad and you get lost in a sea of other content. 

They can be tricky to understand and utilize effectively in your business.

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Last week

I wrote about what it takes to actually start a small business; this week, I’ll go over some hurdles, pitfalls, and doubts that can come along with that initial jump. Starting a new business is full of uncertainty and questions and there’s no one way to do it. 

“The What-ifs?”

It’s natural to be scared of the unknown; in fact, if you weren’t, I’d be a little frightened for you.

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I’m switching it up a bit here at I Have Purple Hair, I wanted to give a little more stability to the place and give you all a bit of a schedule of what to look forward to. So, every Tuesday, I’m comin’ atcha with sewing reviews, ideas, and tutorials. Then, every Friday, I’ll be here handing out small business advice and tips to get you started (or keep going) on your awesome creative endeavor.

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