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The Best?!

Yes. The BEST.

I was introduced to Rebecca Page patterns through her previous brand of Mummykins and Me about 3 years ago.  I had just had The Bean and was so excited to find cute, easy apparel patterns for baby girls. Having a small baby + sewing = as carefree as possible. The patterns did not disappoint. I was dressing The Bean up in adorable clothes in no time!

I’ve followed Rebecca through the years as she developed her own personal style and grown into the awesome designer she is today. So, let me tell you why I love these patterns so much!

The Beautiful Patterns

Rebecca Page’s style is unique and modern. There’s a pattern for everyone from the newbie to the more experienced, and each one is versatile enough to create different looks depending on the type of fabric used and design options chosen. Which, by the way, there are many. From sleeve options to dress lengths, you can truly make your own imagining with the tons of different ways to customize each pattern.

The Range of Sizes

Rebecca Page Curvy Ladies

ALL of her women’s patterns range from XS to 5XL, so nobody and no body are left out! They have been thoroughly tested by all types of ladies – petite and bountiful alike. There are even doll sizes so your daughter and her doll (and even you!) can match.

Plus, they come in UK and US sizes, so there’s no confusion on yardage (or meters). They are also beautifully graded with easy to read markings and figuring out your sizing is a snap! Which brings me to my next point…

The Layered PDF

All of her patterns are layered, meaning you only have to print out the size(s) you need instead of being confused by all the unnecessary ones. Once you open the pattern in Adobe Reader, you have the ability to switch off which sizes don’t matter, thus eliminating the dreaded “cut-on-the-wrong-line-go-back-and-tape” that can happen with print at home patterns. This feature itself was a total game changer for me. It’s so simple and yet so convenient.

The Copyshop Printing

Modern Style Another really amazing thing about just the patterns themselves is that they are A0 formatted, which means you can bring them to a copy shop and have them printed as one big piece just in case printing at home and taping a billion pieces together isn’t quite your thing. There are also online places that will do it on the cheap, my favorite one is here.

The Thorough Instructions

Rebecca has thought of it all and is there to help you with whatever approach is employed within that specific pattern. Her descriptions are crisp and direct, but also friendly. She has succinct diagrams and pictures to guide you so you know exactly what she’s talking about. She also includes helpful links to more detailed tutorials and even explanations as to why certain techniques are used. For example, do you know what staystitching is? Fret not, it’s covered in her instructions.

Oh, you’re a seasoned apparel sewist? You’re going to love this next part!

The Quick-Glance Cheat Sheet

Children's Apparel Patterns

Within each pattern is a fantastic one-page overview of the main essentials to the pattern, so if this isn’t your first rodeo, a look at this handy guide will steer you onto the more important aspects of construction. If you’re anything like me, I just kinda wing it from time to time simply because wading through pages of instructions can be daunting. Is it the best practice? Of course not. But I’m results driven with a bad case of ADHD, so if moves don’t start happening soon, the project ends up in the dreaded UFO pile.

That’s where the Quick-Glance Cheat Sheet is a lifesaver. I can easily scan to the part I’m at to make sure I’m on the right track, and then (hopefully) finish my garment in a timely manner. I can also just print out that one page instead of the 10+ pages of instructions and pictures, so it totally saves time and ink.

The Community

There is a rabid fanbase associated with Rebecca Page and it can most notably be seen in her Facebook Group of 13,000+ members. It is wonderfully moderated and a nurturing place to share your pics and ask questions. There are people from all over the world who post daily and no question is too small. One of the best parts is seeing everybody’s creations and getting pumped up to make your own RP original!

The Cost

Surely all these amenities and extras come at a high price, right? Actually, not really. I’ve seen apparel patterns upwards of $20, and while I’m not saying designers shouldn’t be adequately compensated for their time and effort, thankfully RP patterns are half that. You can also bundle the ‘mommy and me’ patterns for an even deeper discount. Not to mention, there are sales happening all the time so you can really get a good bargain. Also, by joining her aformentioned Facebook Group you can acquire codes to make a few patterns for FREE!

Oh! And you can save $5 by signing up for her newsletter here.


Let me be real with y’all: I’m a brand ambassador. Yes, I get a small kickback if you decide to use my affiliate link. No, I wasn’t exclusively paid or compensated to write or promote this post. I genuinely love and admire Rebecca’s patterns and will always recommend them to aspiring and advanced sewists alike. I guarantee there is something you’ll love, so go ahead, take a look!

Rebecca Page Banner

Have you made any Rebecca Page patterns? Would you like to see a Sew Along? What are some of your pafvorite apparel designers? Lemme know in the comments!

Sew It Goes, Miranda

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