About Me


I'm Miranda!

Oh, hai.

I’m Miranda, and well, in case you couldn’t tell, I have purple hair. But that’s not really what this blog is about, no. This blog is about sewing, quilting, small business, and adventures. Some of those adventures are yours, most of them are mine, but either way, I do hope they help light a fire for curiosity.

I’m a ridiculously shy person, so I Have Purple Hair is my creative outlet to break free from that anxiety, stress, and explore new activities. It gives me the opportunity to connect, laugh, and introspect. Plus, I do like people, it’s just a little overwhelming to actually go meet them sometimes. Y’know?

Small Business Advice

I was that girl with the lemonade stand. And not just a lemonade stand, I had freshly baked cookies and bubble gum, copies of the daily paper, and finally, a few of my mediocre hand sewn scrunchies and hacky sacks. Not gonna lie, I did alright. I was able to buy that sweet The Little Mermaid handheld game I had been eyeing all summer. Entrepreneurship is in my blood. It’s something I thrive on. And spreading knowledge about how to make it happen for others is even better.

I’ve owned my sewing business, Spry Sprout, for the better half of 5 years. My other business, Handmade Rebellion is thriving. I’ve done shows, wholesale, manufacturing, consignment, marketing, photography, copy, and have worked on a bazillion (that’s a real number, right?) platforms. I want to help you become the boss you are. Help you to make a living on doing what you love. It’s not that hard, but you do have to work. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you work smarter, not harder.

You’re welcome.

Oh, right! The Sewing!

I totally forgot to mention that this is most definitely a sewing and quilting blog. I’m pretty new to quilting, but have been sewing most of my life, and quilting itself is fascinating.

Since I was 5, I was hypnotized by my mom’s Singer, this enormous hunk of metal that wielded amazing power and creativity. I made all my dolls clothing and then just kept moving on to bigger projects. Since then, I realized sewing and designing fills a vital part of who I am, and I love exploring all the possibilities it has to offer.

Life is hard, man.

Seriously. Sometimes life just doesn’t quit. And it could be all those little things that add up to a really BIG thing. It could be a BIG thing that gets shattered into a million little things. Either way, it never stops. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Other times, it can feel like you’re struggling for air. But, hey, y’know what? You are not alone.

Everyone has those things that they have to overcome, myself included. So, I’m documenting my wonderful dreams and amazing failures, recording my awesome plans and holding myself accountable if they fall through. My hope? To inspire you to stretch your comfort zone by knowing that everyone has their battles and we wage them daily.


I want to breed a safe space for everyone to feel welcome – young, old, newbie, or experienced. I’m so grateful you decided to stick around, so please, let’s gather to create an encouraging place to continuously come back to.

I implore you to follow and engage and ask questions. If you are here, you are my friend (whether you’re near or far, whether we’ve met in real life, or just passed a ‘like’ back and forth on social media), and I want to know more about you! I hope you’ll embark on this thrilling journey of sewing, quilting, small business advice, and just plain life.

Don’t forget!

Keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram to see the shenanigans I get up to on a daily basis. Plus, I have this handy dandy FAQ if you wanna know more. See ya around and thanks for stopping by!

And sew it goes, and on and on...